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The new album entitled "One Mo' Time" €

shows greater improvement in writing skills with well developed hooks and catchy phrases.
Ben says, "This album is much more in line with where I want to come from. It's hard!" The story telling is very graphic and from the streets of Richmond where he grew up; The second album's focus is to produce an album of "head bobbing bump." If the song didn't bump and make your head bob it wasn't considered for the album. Producer Michael Ortega and Ben like a lot of bass so it's recommended the album be played back without any additional EQ. Michael Ortega comments, "We blew speakers on the first album because some of the low end went down to 10 hertz. It had to be digitally transferred since analog equipment doesn't usually go below 20hz."

One of the best things about this album is all the guests featured on the songs. The guest rappers include Vitamin C on "Side 2 Side," "Who Can U Trust" and "One In Da Chamber." Young Ace is on "Who Can U Trust" and "San Quentin," Mr. M on "4 Past Midnight" and B. Flem on "Who Can U Trust." Guest vocalists include Sherry Sims and Tasha Arrington. The guest artists contribute to the excitement and diversity of the songs. This is the kind of album that you'll want to pop in and play continuously instead of just skipping to the radio hits.

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